Nails / Manicure / Pedicure / Make Up Courses Singapore

Are you a student who wants to study nails and make up courses?
Are you an existing nail technician who wants to further advance your nail and make up skills?

If you are in of the above mentioned categories, then you are in the right place. School of Nail Art is a learning institution that is located in Singapore. It was founded by Ms Gency Tan and has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of the nails and beauty industry.

Benefits of Nails & Make-up Courses


Gaining Skills, Knowledge & Expertise

The skill and knowledge that you will get from being trained in the nail and make up industry will enable you to apply the knowledge to help people who want to enhance their beauty.

Learning this course will equip you with technical knowledge that most people who have not undergone through the training don’t have. This will give you an upper hand since you will have skills and knowledge that are in demand in the current market. The skill that you will poses will enable stat your own business or even get employed with a company that specializes in make ups and nails.

Certification to prove your credibility

The certificate that you will get when you graduate will help to increase the confidence of your clients in you. When your clients see that you have a training certificate, they will trust you more because they will be sure that you know what you are doing. Your client will know that he/she is being attended by a person who has gone through the training and has the necessary knowledge and expertise.

Add value to your customers


The knowledge that you will get from the training will enable you to provide more value to your clients . Clients wants someone who can give them high quality work and at the end of this training, you will be definitely be equipped with the skills that will delight your clients thus enabling you to build a long lasting client relation.

Why learn from School Of Nail Art (SONA)?


Right Attitude & Work Ethics

School Of Nail Art (SONA) ensures that all the graduates are trained with the right attitude and work ethics. The right attitude means that the student will always be motivated and willing to try no matter how hard the circumstance may be while the right work ethics means that the student will observe high moral standards when dealing with the clients.

Professional Coaching & Mentoring

School Of Nail Art (SONA) does not only focus in training make up and nail lovers around the world, it is also there to offer professional advice to those individuals who want to start businesses with lease capital. We offer international practical training that gives professional advice to people on how to set up a business with small capital and also train them on how to market and also improve their selling skills.

Experienced Trainers with Vast Knowledge

Ms Gency Tan and her trainers have vast knowledge and experience when it comes to nail and make up industry. They not only equipped students with the necessary technical skills but also motivate students, help them to build their self confidence and uncover their talents.

Gain Practical Knowledge & Skills

We believe that technical skills and knowledge are very important to those people who want to go into the nail and make up business.
That is why we actually provide both practical and product training to therapist so that they can have better knowledge and skills to be in a better position to provide quality and informed services to their clients.

Some Video Montages of our Classes, Competitions, Workshops & More!