School Of Nail Art (SONA) FAQ

Q: Who is eligible to join School of Nail Art (SONA)?

A: Any individual aged 16 years or above is eligible to enroll for a course at School Of Nail Art (SONA).

Q: Is a license required to be a professional makeup artist, pedicurist or manicurist?

A: No. A license is not required. However, an individual pursuing a career in nail or makeup artistry can benefit immensely from intensive and extensive education in the field.

Q: What are qualifications required for enrollment?

A: No special qualifications are required is required for a student to get enrolled in School Of Nail Art (SONA). A keen interest in the study of make up or nail artistry or both is all that is essential.

Q: Is being creative important?

A: No. Although being creative can help you with a good start, enrolling in the academy will help give a student a better understanding behind the different types of looks.

Q: Do I need to have some experience in the field of makeup or nail cosmetology?

A: No. The courses at School Of Nail Art (SONA) are designed for all those who are just introduced to the industry or have no experience. Thus, if the individual joining the course is a complete beginner, we can mould the student the School Of Nail Art (SONA) way.

Q: Why are some makeup courses at the academy longer than the others?

A: The fact that courses at School Of Nail Art (SONA) are designed to help a student gain expertise and not just experience in the field of makeup, the academy builds a curriculum or course according to the type of make –up that happens to be in- demand. This includes makeup involved in fashion, bridal, beauty or glamour world. Education in makeup and nail cosmetology has no boundaries and is only left open to interpretation. Students who enroll the academy get to learn about a lot of few big things or little about various other things in the most efficient way possible.

Q: Does a student get a job after finishing the course?

A: The fact that jobs are usually provided to those with more experience, we provide work experience to students according to their individual capabilities. We not only provide some outstanding jobs to many students, but also have students assist top make-up artist on advertisements, editorial shoots and music videos. However, although work is not guaranteed, we try our best to place the students on the right track.

Q: How can I apply?

A: We can contact through our contact page. However, it is important to note that a deposit has to be made to reserve or secure your place.

Q: Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

A: For every course a student complete, a certificate will be provided by the academy. The fact that the certificates are provided by us are recognized throughout the industry, a student opting to work on fashion shoots, TV films, editorials or music shoots will require no other qualification within the makeup industry. An individual will be required to present a portfolio to represent his style and skill, something that we also assist you at School Of Nail Art (SONA). However, it is important to note that some academies often mislead students by promising them national or international certificates.

Q: What is the accommodation facilities provided to a student?

A: If a student does not reside in Singapore, we help in providing accommodation to a student in good and reasonably priced hotels.

Q: I am not from Singapore. Will I require a Visa?

A: Students enroll in School Of Nail Art (SONA) from all over the world. However since some students are required to have a visa to gain entry in Singapore, it is highly advisable to read through Singapore Entry Requirements to ensure your eligibility. All international students are required to get their own visas if they are planning to study legally in Singapore. The fact that visas require some time to process, it is essential that a student applying for a visa start their application process immediately after having enrolled in a School Of Nail Art (SONA).

Q: Are there any written assignments as english is not my first language?

A: The fact that we provide a student with practical hands on training and do not require a student to complete written assignments, a student does not have to worry about the language barrier interfering with their course.

Q: How can a student gain real word experience while attending make-up school?

A: To helps gain real world experience while being at the makeup school, a student can volunteer to help working makeup artist.Students can also experiment with new looks for family and friends irrespective of their age or gender and can then click photos to begin building their portfolio.  Exploring various makeup artist jobs can also be quite beneficial in allowing you develop your skills while you are still attending school.

Q: What is the best way of finding a job after completing graduation?

A: There are different fields you can apply for a job after graduation. However, no matter which field you choose, the best way to find a job is to:

  • Have a good printed and online portfolio that showcases your different talents and abilities.
  • Have a good network with everyone.
  • Do a good research on various makeup assistant opportunities
  • Volunteer for all opportunities that can help enhance your résumé.
  • Dress and behave like a professional pedicurist, manicurist or makeup artist.

At School Of Nail Art (SONA), students are taught how to promote themselves as true professionals along with skills and knowledge to help them back up their claims.

Q: Why is there a vast difference of tuition fees among different makeup schools?

A: We can’t say anything about other makeup schools, but at School Of Nail Art (SONA) a student is charged a fair price for receiving the best training and education in makeup.

School Of Nail Art (SONA) has different courses that cover all types and styles of makeup. Thus, if you one of those who would like become a hairdresser or esthetician, an aspiring makeup artist or wish to improve your services or offerings to your clients or desire to enhance or redefine your makeup skills as a working makeup artist , enrolling at School Of Nail Art (SONA) would prove to be the perfect choice.

Q: How do I pay the fees for the courses? Do you provide financing or should I acquire a Student loan?

A: It must be noted that School Of Nail Art (SONA) does not provide any kind of financial assistance to students. However, there are various other ways such as credit cards, student’s loan or micro lending by which you can acquire funding for you professional make up training courses.

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