Message from Ms Gency Tan (Founder)

Ms Gency Tan

Ms Gency Tan

I acknowledge your interest in our training courses and thank you for your attention. I established the School of Nail Art (SONA) with the vision to share my knowledge with all whom are interested in the industry, be it wanting to do your own nails, passionate about nail designing, a new career path, or setting up your own business.

I believe that bettering oneself should be a chance available to everyone and education does not need to be expensive, I aim to serve people with accurate theoretical and practical skills, and knowledge of international standards, give Professional advice on how to set up a business with the minimum cash involved and training on how to improve selling skills.

“A passion turned dream and now a reality.”

Starting the chase of both my interests at an early age, I was certified in 1990 with the CIDESCO Diploma in Beauty Therapy, and in 1993, graduated from NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts). Being very much an artist by nature, I would sit painting all day in my free time, experimenting with various art media, hence trying my hand at painting intricate artwork on nails came naturally. I soon became passionate with Nail art as it was so much more challenging and satisfying to me compared to other kinds of canvases I had tried.

Back then, nail salons were almost non-existent in the local market and nail technology was a supplementary module in beauty courses with no proper education system for nails as a lone subject. It was then that I saw an opportunity for starting a nail art fashion which was visually creative and captivating, incorporating both my interests in beauty and art, spurring me on to set up my own service shop and training area, turning passion into a business.

It was a challenging yet rewarding journey and I soon realised it was impossible to achieve much alone, thus I started to spot and train talented individuals I met along the way who shared my passion to form my own elite team of educators, helping me fulfil my dream of setting up a full-fledged nail artistry academy.

With my many years of experience in the field, I had faced challenges and have realized the implications of the gap that exists between the course curriculum and industry in my own career and used the gist of this experience into formulating a methodical education system.

School of Nail Art was officially founded in 2006, making my dream a reality. It gives me immense pleasure to say that in the time we have been around, we have been able to create a unique place for ourselves in the industry. We have achieved international status and recognition, assisting countless of nail technicians to achieve professional competition standards.